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Theory and Practice

ECTC 805  Cross Discipline Studies in Technology 
                         This group project allowed us to research and then present, online, to our cohort. The                                        assumption was that the audience did not know anything about your technology. Group                                  members, Adnan Edzad, Barbara McCarty and I created this presentation on
                    Learning about what a White Papers is and then writing one has been very beneficial. This                              type of paper is a great resource and an opportunity to get a lot of information about a topic in                             one paper. Writing a White Paper on technology and Project-Based Learning was a great                                                               exercise.                                                             DIY White Paper 
                  This individual project was initially daunting but once underway was a very enjoyable
                     and interesting way to create a space for online learning.  
         Wearable Tech Theme Park
ECTC 807   Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum
                      The historical background of how and why curriculum came about was the topic of this short paper. 
Short Paper on Historical Background
                      Comparing and contrasting two different views as they related to early education gave important                                insights into how these views have evolved into our current views on education. 
Conservative vs. Progressive View on Education
                      This project gave us chance to choose an informal learning trend, research the history, theory, and                              context of this topic.  
Informal Learning Assignment
                      Having done most of my research on makerspaces throughout this (fall) semester of year one, I was                            able to apply that research in this project as my topic was about implementing an after-school teen                            makerspace. It was a great way to end the semester. 
Curriculum Implementation Plan
ECTC 808   Summer Institute II 
                      The main focus of the projects for this course was to update both our websites and our professional                            development plans. We looked for different types of jobs in three different categories (K-12, Higher Ed,                          and corporate). The assignment we wrote a paper on was the Jobs Project. It was a good exercise as it                          allowed us to research the many different kinds of positions we could have.                   
Jobs Project 
ECTC 814   Advanced Models of E-Learning

                     Examining two different case studies and creating a needs analysis including goals and                                                 objectives was a great chance to apply the information in the Brown and Green (2012) book                                             Instructional Design.                  Higher Ed Case Studies


                     This individual project allowed us to articulate our own vision for technology in education,                                           design a plan, and a create a budget proposal. These type of projects serve to strengthen and refine our                       ideas and goals as we continue to develop our professional growth plan.             

                      Leadership Vision & eLearning                   

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 4.24.49 PM.png
ECTC 816   Advanced Building Online Communities
                  The Online community scan gave us an opportunity to examine the actual online community spaces                           specific to our proposed dissertation topic. The final project was a single-spaced annotated                                             webliography that was very interesting to work on. Who knew there were so many online                                             gamification communities! 
                                        Online Educational Gamification Communities Webliography
                  This group project with Barbara McCarty and Linda Lampert involved interviewing and analyzing a                            key manager of an educational online community. The focus was to understand their community                              strategies. It certainly was an eye-opening experience on the amount of work that goes into curating                          an online community.
                                                              Educational Online Community Analysis


                     The culminating assessment was the creation of an online community in the form of a website.

                     We brought together the idea of stewarding technology as well as using evidence-based social design

                     to create a successful online community. 

                                                           Design of an Online Community - Website

                                                       Design of an Online Community - Paper

ECTC 817    Advanced Developing and managing Distance Learning Programs
                                                                          Summer 2019
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