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Karen J. Cotter Ed. D.

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 NJCU EdTech Leadership

Instructional Technology and Educational Consultant


Hello and Welcome! 


My love of learning and trying new things has gotten me to where I am today. I have worked as a nurse, school nurse, private school teacher, interior designer, small business owner, computer lab aide, costume designer, and up until a year ago, a middle school science teacher for 15 years. It turns out, education is my passion. Whether learning or teaching, that's where I am happiest. When the opportunity arose to become the school's instructional facilitator I jumped at the chance. Working with adults has been a great way to energize another facet of my journey as an educator.  


I am continually reflecting on what I do and what's next. The pursuit of a doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership seemed like the next logical step. I am excited that you are here to share my journey through this digital portfolio. Enjoy! 




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