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Scholarship and Research

ECTC 803    Data Analysis and Report Writing
                      The opportunity to design a museum exhibit followed our trip to Liberty Science Center. Coming up                          an idea was more challenging than I expected
Design a Museum Exhibit
                     First person interviews from LifeHacker's "How I Work" series was the basis for this introduction to 
                     using primary data. The exercise also incorporated finding themes which built on the button "coding"
                     excercise we did in Summer I.
Using Primary Data
                     Writing a statistical report memo to make a recommendation was useful. Writing succinctly,                                   creating an appendix and an APA formatted table were skills that we used to create this memo. 
    Analyzing Data for a Statistical Report Memo
                     This memo gave us a chance to represent information in a visual format as well as including a 
                     short description of that data.  
Constructing Visual Aids Memo
ECTC 806   Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership
                   This was our first assignment after a LOT of material. In hindsight, all of these assignments will be                            very helpful when writing our dissertation. It was also another opportunity to begin to focus on what                          may (or may not) be our topic for our dissertation.               
 Quantitative Research Paper
                      My quantitative research paper had the same (general) topic as my qualitative paper. This was helpful
                      because we were able to add additional resources instead of creating a whole new list. Looking at the
                      same topic from a different perspective added a new perspective. 
  Qualitative Research Paper
                      Writing a mixed methods research paper that combined qualitative and quantitative techniques was 
                      another opportunity to write another three chapters. While the thought of writing three chapters was 
                      initially daunting, by the third time it began to feel more familiar.  
    Mixed Methods Research Paper
Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 4.24.40 PM.png
ECTC 809    Assessment and Evaluation
                       The first project of the term was to make a field observation and take notes ("jottings") in a public                                 place. Using the "jottings" we then transcribed those notes and then analyzed them giving us a                                     chance to practice coding techniques.  
                                                                     Observational Exercise
                        The next project of the term involved choosing one of five broad Edtech topics given by Dr. Carnahan.                          I chose to write about the topic of gamification.  The project was designed to focus on                                                      "designing the methods and assessments involved in creating a qualitative research study."
                                                               Qualitative Research Project
                         This short project got us to prepare for project #4. We had to choose a problem, questions, sample, as                           well as create a survey using Qualtrics and complete an IRB practice form. 
                                                            Proposal of Field Research Study
                          The final project of the term incorporated the components of project #3 (the project proposal,                                        instrument creation, and IRB), as well as a literature review, theoretical framework, sampling, and                            methodology. This project built upon previous projects in this course as well as the previous                                          research class. 
                                                                  Pilot Field Study with IRB
ECTC 810    Statistics for Educational Research
                         The first assignment was a statistical analysis of different types of educational writing in                                             popular media. Additionally, we evaluated what might be useful and made suggestions for change                               as if we were the researcher. 
                                                     Reading and Writing about Statistics
                          Creating a statistical resource website was a group project with Aminata Adewumi, Terri Evans, and                            Adnan Ezad. We divided up statistical concepts and included a written definition, data, video and                                write up of the concept. 
                                                                     Statistical Concepts
                          This assignment was a peer review of one of the websites from assignment #2. Using the rubric,                                  a comprehensive evaluation was written about the website.  
                                                             Peer Critique of Assignment #2
                          We collected our own data and, using a variety of data analysis tools, analyzed relationships                                        between the variables. This assignment gave us a look into how we might work with data for our                                dissertaion.
                                                                   Statistical Data Analysis
ECTC 811     Summer Institute III
ECTC 901    Dissertation I
ECTC 902    Dissertation II
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